04 Oct

"I wish i had a light, so i can light this fire"

Growing up and still till this day I'm a huge Prince fan. I studied him like he was my favorite curriculum in school from music, album stories and interviews. One thing he said in an interview that always stuck with me is "Nothing sounds more beautiful than a woman's singing voice". That couldn't be more true than with BRANDI KANE'S new song "TROUBLE ON CRENSHAW".

BRANDI KANE'S "TROUBLE ON CRENSHAW" is the perfect blend of sultry smooth soul and a west coast bounce as she tells her story and uses her raw lyrics to paint a picture filled with perfect imagery and beautiful colors. BRANDI KANE'S voice instantly grabs you as you can hear and feel the vulnerability right from the opener "just so good at being in trouble, spending my days out in the ghetto".

BRANDI KANE'S "TROUBLE ON CRENSHAW" is a must hear and must share as this captivating song is accompanied by an equally amazing video that matches the story being told.

Check out BRANDI KANE'S "TROUBLE ON CRENWSHAW" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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