Bodega Bamz - NC- 17 (Album Review)

12 Oct

"My shorty a 10, I got her a 9, I'm shooting my shot"

One of the frequent debates I hear is the state of Hip Hop. Another layer of that s what is the state of New York Hip Hop. In my personal opinion it's better than ever. With so many young bright acts coming up and all with their own style that's so fresh and still so New York. Bodega Bamz is one of the brightest as he shines on his new EP "NC-17".

Bodega Bamz "NC-17" is four tracks and 15 mins of dope beats and doper lyrics as this Spanish Harlem emcee give us nothing short of excellence on this EP where he shows plenty of flex and bravado. Each track is on point with a tracklist of NC-17, Hallways, Iscream, and Arcadia. Hallways is my personal favorite but we will dive a little deeper in to each track below.

NC-17: NC - 17 is the title track of this four track EP as the piano chords and synths set the tone before Bamz comes in right when the drums drop. Bodega Bamz shows full control over the beat with a steady hard flow with each bar right in pocket as he lets he be known he's not for play with his "pop ya shit" style.

Hallways: My personal favorite on the EP as the track instantly reminds me of a new day sound for a track you would've heard on Prodigy's "H.N.I.C" album. Bodega Bamz has a gutter approach with bars as he paints life in the projects where in the words of Notorious B.I.G "Either you gotta slang rock or you got wicked jump shot". Bodega Bamz makes his choice with lines like "in the streets, f**k a hoop dream". Hallways takes you back to the days you could walk down the street and hear the hottest mixtapes blasting anywhere and instantly want a copy.

Iscream: "You dont bet against bamz". Iscream may just be the hardest track lyrically as Bodega Bamz bars the whole beat that sounds like a swizz beatz production. Bamz bars are vicious snapping all over with bars "Ya moms should've swallowed you left you in the NICU" and "Preying on my enemies meet me in the chapel". Bodega Bamz uses "Iscream" to show he can run laps around emcee trying to get his lane as his pen is masterful on this track.

Arcadia: The finale for this EP is the mellow vibe "Arcadia". Bodega Bamz shows his multi talents with the melodic hook "Put that on everything that I love, coming where I from , where I from". Bodega Bamz still packs plenty of punch on the lyrics as he takes no break on the pen through the entire EP with bars and reps Harlem World to the fullest on this track that takes me back to hearing Wayne on "Drought 3".

Bodega Bamz is a excellent display of music that shows magic will always happen if you stay true and put the right lyrics and the perfect blends to bring your sound to life. Established fans will love it and new fans will find a favorite artist. 

Check out Bodega Bamz "NC - 17 below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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