Blk $ol - Welcome

09 Oct

"Welcome to the Darkside"

Whenever I talk to rappers I always try to stress the point its important to rap with conviction and charisma to really carry a track and keep a fan engaged. I assume Blk $ol uses the same mentality cause he shows his flex on the new track "Welcome"

Blk $ol snaps all over the track "Welcome" as he raps his ass off on this track with high powered lyrics his flows and his flows he plays with that in a physical form would like a streetballer in his prime playing with the rock.

Blk $ol's "Welcome" sounds like the song you would hear playing all around the city in every car passing by as the beat knocks just right and Blk $ol controls the beat and makes it his own. 

Blk $ol's "Welcome" is a creatively ambitious piece of art and has that raw energy that makes people become fans. Check out the track below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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