Bknott & Jasen - Bird's Eye View

07 May

"Non believers be the worst like you"

One problem the word doesn't have is a shortage of music. Daily new music comes for the people to hear and in order to stand out you have to be special. A kind of special that is unique and people can only hear that something special from you as an artist. Bknott and Jasen have that special thing on their new song "Bird's Eye View"

Bknott was first featured on Global Money World with the song "Gnetik Pt.2" featuring Kudoz and came back with his song "Kenan & Kel" featuring Beezy Latta.  Bknott links up with Jasen to produce fire you need to clear the streets for on the new song "Bird's Eye View". This new record is packed with raw energy that creates Hip hop magic, that can't be duplicated with both emcee's having an undeniable presence, as their confidence and braggadocios swagger on the mic commands your attention from beginning to end.

Bknott and Jasen "Bird's Eye View" is the game changing music you need to hear now. Bknott and Jasen sound like stars with their raw lyrics and flow working magic over this production to make a track filled with Hip Hop brilliance for the world to enjoy.

Check out Bknott and Jasen "Bird's Eye View" below and also follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!





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