Bknott & Beezy Latta - Kenan & Kel

06 Mar

"Me, Bknott Kenan & Kel"

Music is truly an art form that is up to one's perspective of good. Everyone can hear the same song and have a different opinion, but some music it doesn't matter and you just know a hit when you hear one. Bknott and Beezy Latta have a definite smash on their hands with the new song "Kenan & Kel"

Bknott was first featured on Global Money World with the song "Gnetik Pt.2" featuring Kudoz and is now back with Beezy Latta with "Kenan & Kel". Bknott and Beezy Latta come together and give you the musical representation of the legendary alley opp Wade threw to Lebron. The track is truly a slam dunk, with both artists feeding off of each other and creating an exciting track filled with wavy vibes.

Bknott and Beezy Latta "Kenan and Kel" truly live up to the title of this legendary duo as they come together and create an exciting genius level of Hip Hop music. Bknott and Beezy Latta hit the mark in every way from the lyrics, flow, and all over the right production to make this track a must hear for music lovers everywhere.

Check out Bknott and Beezy Latta "Kenan & Kel" below and also follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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