Big Heath - Plan

30 Oct

"I rap for the brothers who work a 9-5 and they don't believe in it"

It's amazing how far hip hop has come. it's has exceeded any barrier that could be placed on it, with hip hop flavor coming from all over the world. UK's Big Heath shows that high powered rapping can come from anywhere with his new song "Plan".

Big Heath is beyond amazing on "Plan" as his flow is ferocious and his lyrics are beyond dangerous as he gives a lyrical onslaught that would keep any competition at bay. Big Heath snaps all over this hard production with the right amount a bass as he doesn't let up for a second packing a knockout punch with every line.

Big Heath's "Plan" is real hip hop at it's finest with Big Heath giving you an amazing display of gold standard rap, as well as giving you lyrics that let you know the real him. If Big Heath's plan is to be legendary he is definitely on the right track of doing so.

Check out Big Heath "Plan" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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