B1GJuice - Chandeliers

08 Apr

"Me against the world on my Pac sh*t"

Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone had a nice weekend and a great start to the week. If you need some happy music that is filled with color then this new track from B1GJuice called "Chandeliers" is not for you. B1GJuice makes a track that is commanding and filled with power in every word

B1GJuice has a sound that is unique and instantly grabs your attention. The sound is dark and haunting, while his sound is the perfect storm of raw lyrics and aspiration meet with his sound that is filled with pain. The flow is commanding as he flexes his lyrical prowess over this hard production, with his raw lines that you feel in your chest with every bar.

B1GJuice's "Chandeliers" is a track that you must hear. He gives you something that is becoming a rarity which is original flavor that you can only get from him. He has undeniable talent that is on full display from the production that sets the tone, a commanding flow that makes his presence felt, and his raw lyrics that command the ultimate respect to make this track stellar in every way.

Check out B1GJuice "Chandeliers" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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