AWAR feat Cyhi The Prince - Rolex time

12 Oct

"I just find it funny y'all can't see time is money"

New York is the mecca of Hip Hop. The place where hip hop became famous and the culture established. When New York rap scene is good everything else is good and New York is more than good with the release of AWAR's new song "Rolex Time" featuring Cyhi The Prince.

AWAR's new song "Rolex Time" is so New York with the production feeling so big city with the horns flaring glamorously and AWAR shining brighter the big city lights he comes from. AWAR's flow is on point with a style reminiscent of the legendary Big Pun and his lyrics are high class with lines like "In my prime like Optimus watching my stock position".

AWAR enlists Cyhi The Prince for the hook that is pure gold and filled with hustler ambition that bring the track full circle to make it the track that can be the soundtrack for any grind.

Check out AWAR 'Rolex Time" featuring Cyhi The Prince now and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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