ATLANTA XAY - Neighbors

13 Mar

"Ain't no peace, when I'm up in my darkside"

If you want to have that music that connects with people the nit needs to have that soul. It needs to be something that the people can feel, it needs to be real. ATLANTA XAY understands this perfectly as he spits some smooth lyrics the people can vibe to on his new song "Neighbors".

ATLANTA XAY performs gold standard emceeing on his new song "Neighbors". Spitting with a high class of master craftsmanship through out this entire record. XAY's pen is slick, as it glides through this production that is the perfect canvas for him to perform his high level of art on the mic. The lyrics are on point and each line is delivered right on target with a flow, that is beyond his years.

ATLANTA XAY's "Neighbors" is that gold standard music that purists and new fans will love alike. XAY is a master emcee and its ever so apparent on this incredible record. The rhymes are a vibe on itself, the flow is polished, and the production brings everything full circle to make this track a must hear.

Check out ATLANTA XAY "Neighbors" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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