artistnameleon - Reckless

14 Oct

"New year, same me, same team, same dream!"

I'm a fan of many genres but a couple of my favorites are Vaporwave and Chillwave music. I've been a fan since I heard Macintosh Plus Floral Shoppe and Saint Pepsi's Hit Vibes. Hearing all of these great instrumentals I always wish I could hear an emcee rap over something like the music I was hearing. artistnameleon fulfills that desire with his new song "Reckless".

artistnameleon's song "Reckless" is a track that's dripping with unlimited sauce over this production that is just dripping with trippy vibes as it's the perfect blend of chillwave and Houston's sound of screw music. artistnameleon commands your attention by riding the beat just right that you can just vibe out and enjoy the musical magic that is being displayed.

artistnameleon stands out from the pack of great new artist has he has his own sound and swagger that is on full bloom on "Reckless" that will fulfill his fans needs and also give his new fans something to enjoy and listen for more.

Check out artistnameleon's "Reckless" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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