ApolloParx - When I'm On

21 Oct

"Sh*t is different when the talent running in yo vains"

Some days good music is hard to find. Sometimes it's just a drought and a grind to find something good. Then there's some days where the hip hop gods just bless you with good music. Today is one of those days with ApolloParx new song "When I'm On".

ApolloParx pen is extra sharp on "When I'm On" as he crafts together lyrics that are top notch and above any standard that you can set for an emcee. ApolloParx snaps all over this hard production as he has a hard line for every bass note and 808 you hear with lines like "Walking on water, walking on air, something you don't know, asking me for an explanation it's nothing I can show".

ApolloParx brings it all together with a chorus that makes it sound like an anthem that people will sing like it's the gospel as he gives you the lyrical message of support now or don't come to him when he makes it.

Check out ApolloParx "When I'm On" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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