Alfa Blvck - The Gauntlet

19 Oct

"Everything you see around me, I had a hand in it!"

Real hip hop is strictly for the Warriors of the world. The ones always fighting the good fight on their way to the top taking out any and everyone that may get in the way of their power. No emcee embodies this more than Alfa Blvck on his new song "The Gauntlet".

Alfa Blvck has made himself a regular on the Global Media Blog with his impressive wordplay and raw lyrics that always makes for hip hop perfection. Alfa Blvck keeps his standard of excellence going with "The Gauntlet" as he reloaded his lyrical clip for some more hip hop heavyweights.

Alfa Blvck lets you know he's different and not like these other rappers as he's the last of a dying breed being a gold standard emcee. Giving you hard bars with each line like "Comparing me to any of these rap n**gas is probably a fan of me is fantasy, they ants to me".

Check out Alfa Blvck's "The Gauntlet" below and if you haven't already follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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