Alfa Blvck - A.D.D

04 Sep

"Before I let you shit on my pride i'll do the time"

Exciting times in hip hop as lyric driven and bar heavy music has been coming out since August 31st with GOD MC Eminem dropping a surprise project and even an admirable Machine Gun Kelly dropping a diss track of his own. Alfa Blvck's track "A.D.D" can be added in the mix for new music with great lyrical display.

The track starts off with dark chords and a message that track is not meant to offend anyone who has been diagnosed with "A.D.D". but the title is more of a reflection of self and how he gets distracted from his ultimate goal of coming up in the world. 

After the message Alfa Blvck takes off in a style that's reminiscent of J Cole in his Come Up/ Warm Up days. Instantly starting off with slick wordplay "My life flashes before my eyes, while I'm still alive, paint a vivid picture that's polarized through these rhymes." A nice double entendre connecting his life flashing before his eyes and the connection of Polaroid cameras.

Alfa Blvck flexes his lyrical prowess all over this trap beat that is back by dark chords and lets it be none he his on another level and in his words "This ain't make believe, I'm where you gotta pay to be".

A link to the track is below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends!

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