Alex Mali - 99 Bottles

01 Oct

"99 Bottles of beer on the wall"

It's always hard to find R&B music, it's harder to find good R&B music, and an impossible task present day is to find R&B music that stops you in your tracks. The track I'm speaking of can't just be contained to the R&B genre with all of the elements because it's just simply really good music but the song I'm speaking of is coming from Alex Mali with her new song "99 Bottles".

Alex Mali has a style that sounds like a star setting up for a meteoric impact and makes your heart drop on the floor as soon as you hear her come in with the first line "It ain't even 9pm" over the glitchy production.

Alex talents are on full bloom as she tells this drunken style love story while displaying her powerful voice and swagger filled rap style that reminds of you Rihanna on her critically acclaimed "ANTI" album. Alex carries this whole track masterfully and creates a modern day masterpiece.

Get familiar and enjoy the smash "99 Bottles" from Alex Mali below. Follow her on twitter as well. Stay Global my Friends!

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