Akheim Allen - MEMO

01 Oct

"jumped out the bed on a pot of gold"

Akheim Allen is everything you need with his new track "MEMO". Coming all the way from London with his fresh style and high class rapping that takes me back to a 2006-2007 Lil Wayne or what we would consider the "Mixtape Weezy"

Akheim Allen instantly takes over this innovative glitchy production with nothing short of confidence as he instantly takes command of the beat with the swagger filled opener "juggin juggin, I been juggin juggin to a million" and right after the beat drops he flashes bright with his style that he considers "Aspirational Ignorance"

Akheim works his flow like magic all over the track and even show how multi talented he is with the melodic hook "shit is just amazing, why we just embrace it, I think you're an angel just without a Halo". Akheim Allen keeps it going as he snaps all over the second verse with bars like "I want sand between my toes, I'm in paradise, hopped out the whip had to paraglide, grandma still praying I'm sanctified".

Akheim Allen is a true talent and is definitely a breakout act the world will hear. Check out his new track "MEMO" below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends!"



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