$afra - Look Shook

06 Aug

Happy Monday!

With a start of a new week you always look for something to energize you on these manic Mondays and if you need that boost $afra's "Look Shook" is the track for you .

"Look Shook" starts off with tribal drums with $afra getting hype and saying "These n*ggas can f**k with me with this shit" before he lays into the beat with no mercy with a special astonishing flow cadence that could make you imagine what the previous generation felt like the first time they heard Bone Thug's N Harmony rap. 

$afra carries the track well with his flow that's right on precision with each bar that he spits that keeps you nodding your head the entire song. With the track being one minute and 30 seconds Safra states what we are all thinking "They finna be like why didnt he make it longer". A power move by an artist who knew we would want more.

Please check out the track below and follow him on twitter. Links are below. Stay Global my friends!



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