_Trav - BIG WORM TAPE (Album Review)

07 Feb

"I hope you showing love to ya plug"

Hip Hop is truly an art form when done right. A true art form that makes you visualize things just based off the talent of an emcee and not only see but feel. _Trav gives you all the flavor and soul that makes people Hip Hop lovers with his new project "BIG WORM TAPE". _Trav is truly superb, giving you a true master class of being an emcee. The songs are amazing and are an incredible body of work. With four songs _Trav utilizes his time wisely and crafts together a masterpiece.

Luv To The Plug (Prod by Kapital): A perfect intro track to let you know what to expect moving forward. The production done by Kapital is a gold soulful sound that _Trav makes his own. _Trav's flow is as fluid as water while being wavy all over the track, with his refreshing lyrics that you can vibe out to. 

20 Gsz (PROD BY YONDO BEATS):  "You leaving ya mark, I'm leaving my prints". _Trav keeps the momentum going on the second track that is perfect follow up to the intro track. _Trav's lyrics are brilliantly relatable and executed to perfection with a special delivery from his flow, that's very introspective and connects with the listener on a special level. The verses are on point and the hook is magic that makes this track an audio gem.

Friday (Prod By Kapital): _Trav  and Kapital connect again to make another soulful masterpiece. _Trav's sound is a crazy blend of Lupe Fiasco's flow, over a beat that could've been on Camp Lo's "Uptown Saturday Night". The production is glamorous and _Trav's rhymes are lyrical luxury, that makes for an experience of a sort of ghetto sophistication that is marvelous.

Cash Rule$ (Prod by Kapital): "This a zoo, these b**ches gone choose". The perfect finale for an amazing piece of art. _Trav gives you everything and more on this final track on what is truly a superb body of work. High level rapping with a smooth yet, high powered flow over another incredible production from Kapital, that seals the deal and eliminate any doubt that this isn't one of the best musical projects you will hear this year.

_Trav's "BIG WORM TAPE" is a must listen that you owe to yourself if you love Hip Hop. _Trav's work is everything that makes a Hip Hop Classic, as he gives you genius on every track from beginning to end.

Check out _Trav "BIG WORM TAPE" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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