Venus Demilo new song "All I Want" dropping this Thursday, May 2nd!

30 Apr

Liverpool trio Venus Demilo are releasing their new song 'All I Want' this Thursday. It will be the second track from their upcoming EP 'The Rest Is Just Noise'. 

Venus Demilo was previously featured on Global Media Rock with their song "By The Book" and are coming back better than ever with their newest release "All I Want"

Musically the track takes inspiration from a whole host of artists. The epic chorus, layered with dense acoustic guitar chords and sweeping strings, aims to inspire the same emotions felt from listening to early Coldplay records such as 'Yellow' & 'Fix You' (coincidentally recorded in the same studio Parr Street Studios in Liverpool). It also draws on using vocoders in a similar way to Tame Impala on 'Let It Happen'. The band are also heavily influenced by Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals & Clean Cut Kid. 

Look out for Venus Demilo's new song "All I Want" this Thursday, May 2nd!

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