Soulja Boy Says He'll Be Home Soon to Continue Biggest Comeback of 2019

03 Jun

Soulja Boy is locked up in a Los Angeles Correctional Facility, but his spirits are up. 

He is currently serving a 240-day sentence (with about 70 days served) at the Los Angeles Men's Detention Center.

While locked up, Soulja made a phone call to let his fans know that he is doing well and that he will be home soon. 

I'm just letting all my fans know I'm finna be home real, real soon. The biggest comeback of 2019 continues. It's going down. The album on the way. The shoes on the way. The movie on the way.

It seems Soulja is pretty confident that he will continue his "biggest comeback of 2019" run. With his 70 days served, it looks like Soulja will be released in mid-November. 

Shout out to all the fans that been writing me. I been reading all y'all letters. I appreciate it. I'm going on tour. Like I said, the biggest comeback of 2019. Jail? Jail? Come on, man. You know I do this. Shout out to everybody that's been holding me down, come to visit me, putting money on my books. I love all my fans, it ain't over. It's a minor setback for a major comeback.

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