Jay-Z being Sued for Uncleared Sample On "Vol. 2..Hard Knock Life"

18 May

An uncleared sample might bite JAY-Z in the pocketbook 21 years later.

Soul artist and guitarist Ernie Hines recently filed suit against Jay, Roc-A-Fella Records, Sony Music and Timbaland claiming that they sampled his track "Help Me Put Out The Flames In My Heart" in HOV's  Vol. 2 track "Paper Chase" but didn't pay him.

Hines, who's 81, said he doesn't follow Hip Hop and just noticed they had sampled him last year.

"Help Me Put Out Flames In My Heart" is already acknowledged as a sample on Tidal's list of samples for the "Paper Chase", so there's no doubt they used it. In addition, Hines says Timbaland used "Help Me ..." on Ginuwine's 1999 album 100% Ginuwine without paying him.

He wants at least $2 million for the theft.

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