Jackson Sutherland's debut single "Afraid to Love" dropping Friday, April 26th!!!

23 Apr

22-year-old Jackson Sutherland is releasing his debut single "Afraid to Love" on April 26th!!

Jackson Sutherland has carved out a unique identity among an emerging generation of young musicians in America. Sutherland began writing songs at an early age, and performed with other acts and bands throughout his youth, frequently finding himself at the creative helm. 

With the release of his debut single, 'Afraid to Love', Sutherland steps up to the microphone as an artist and songwriter possessing a rare breed of musical effortlessness, melodic prowess, and optimistic lyrics about the enduring qualities of the human spirit. 

Look out for Jackson Sutherland's new sing "Afraid to Love" this Friday, April 26th and follow him on Twitter and Instagram in the meantime. Stay Global my Friends!



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