Dr. Dre's "Detox" is A Real Album Being Heard By Collaborators

23 May

Dr. Dre seemed to slam the door on his Detox album, which he's been working on since 2002, in the HBO documentary The Defiant Ones.

"I never had any connection with [Detox], it didn't work." Dre said. "I'm never gonna do that again."

But since then there have been multiple indications that Detox did work and we may one day hear it. The first was from Dre, who admitted he may be reconsidering it. Then Scott Storch got on the radio and said Detox is definitely happening.

Now super-producer and Dre collaborator Flying Lotus has told Billboard that not only is Detox still in play, but that he's heard it and it's great

"He's still excited. That's what I got from being around [Dre]. He's just still excited about music. When I came to the studio, he played me Detox. He was like, "You fuck with it or what?!" I was like, "Yeah!" He was just super hyped on it. We were listening to the shit and he was dancing around the studio with his wife and shit. He has that feeling like, "Fuck yeah. I'm rich as fuck, but I'm having a great time still." It was really cool to see. The version I heard is the sequel to Compton. It makes sense after Compton, I think. It makes sense, but I like it better than Compton."

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