Arsonal Vs Geechi Gotti Releases Today, June 7th on URLTV App

07 Jun

Ultimate Rap League is releasing Arsonal Vs Geechi Gotti today on its new URLTV App.

URL has been on a role of releasing highly anticipated battles with this latest release being one of them.

Arsonal has made himself legendary being the face of New Jersey Battle Rap taking on battlers with his aggressive and lyrical style that been winning over fans since day one.

Geechi Gotti is Battle Rap's most promising and highest rising Rapper, with him garnering Champion of the Year two years in a row with his beyond impressive pen and presence that has made him the favorite in any battle he takes.

Today fans from all over will be able to watch these gladiators collide for what should be a classic battle between two ultra talented battlers, With the release of this battle dropping today exclusively on the URLTV App.

Check out the release trailer for Arsonal VS Geechi Gotti below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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